Communication and Security

We improve communication between public authorities and communities, by implementing best GEO-Location reporting Apps that are designed and branded for authorities that want to manage data and improve digital business solutions.

Public Engagement

Enable citizens to view and engage with policy and issues of community value. Foster engagement to alleviate stress and misinformation.

Data Collection

Data collection of opinions, important data points and facts from the ground. Data collection to improve decision making and digital business solutions.

Data Security

It is important to manage data in a secure way. Security and data protection is a vital part of your duties.


Information must be shared and distributed in an open and transparent way. Foster trust and awareness.


Citizens also require privacy of their sensitive information. Ensuring data protection laws and security is vital.


Accountability starts by capturing accurate and timely information and recording processes and decisions.

Consulting BPR

Digital business solutions, business Processes, Re-engineering specializes in identifying issues and bottlenecks in existing processes, and establishing new workflow and procedures to optimize accountability, transparency and efficiency.

We have experience with business and IT, so we can find solutions to what you never knew was an issue.

We provide professional consulting services to ascertain your issues and provide solutions. We specialize in transforming and digitizing complex costly manual processes into efficient and transformative business solutions.

  • Identify staff skill gaps
  • Identify cheaper alternative business processes
  • Identify the right software
  • Identify off-the-shelf vs custom software solutions
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Identify the greatest rewards to change

Information Platforms and integrations. Databases, data collection, content, files and data intelligence requires data interoperability, B2B, API and knowledge of data application development. We can provide the key connections between data, processes and IT development infrastructure.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Desktop Applications
  • Cloud Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Database Reporting Systems



We offer a full range of IT consulting services, customized to your needs. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, data collection, we provide complete IT business solutions. We offer support and guide your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external and objective guidance, providing impartial advice in a number of technical and business areas providing optimal digital business solutions.



Built for simplicity and speed. Increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to complete the Health and Safety process with vital data collection. data oriented and engagement-focused safety for large, complex sectors and organizations. We provide platforms for engagement via team communication and proactive alerts. Effective business solutions for effective Effective business processes.

Data Oriented Digital Business Solutions and Processes

Government & Private industries

Deliver vital data collection & analytics to your team in real-time, IT Asset Management, Software Inventory & License Audit and Agentless Network Discovery business solutions. We bring the best, top quality development in business processes. We have partnered up with industry innovators and leaders to deliver top quality business data solutions.




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