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IT Consulting

We offer a range of IT consulting services to your specific needs, we have a combination of industry expertise to deliver a high level management consulting to our clients. Partnering with our customers can help us keep up with new approach in achieving business goals efficiently and quicker in delivering results.

Risk Management

Asset Management

Platform Development

Risk Management

Risk plays a massive role in our every day lives. We face many aspects which can compromise safety, with technology moving faster than the average employee we have partnered up with industry leaders to minimize and manage risk.

We offer the SaferMe app which enables hand held risk management:

  • Keeps users safer with real-time risk awareness
  • Helps drive safety engagement in large teams
  • Improves efficiency and UX in safety reporting
  • Handles different types of safety reporting needs
  • Delivers vital data & analytics to your team in real-time

We constantly strive to innovate and develop new methods and platforms for industry leaders. We have partnered up with technology innovators and leaders to bring the best, top quality development.

Asset Management

A systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their life cycles.

  • Agentless Network Discovery
  • IT Network Inventory
  • Software Inventory & License Audit
  • IT Asset Management